Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Soft Scrub Total Review & Coupon Giveaway

Thanks to my friends at Purex Insiders, I was sent a couple of bottles of Soft Scrub Total (with Bleach and without) to try out for myself! I am constantly on the search for great cleaning products so this was a very welcome gift! I have since used it in the bathroom on the counters, toilet, and tub and like what I see! Smells fresh (both versions, although the bleach one is a bit strong), and cleans well. I also love that it sprays upsidedown! Both versions seemed to clean about the same, so I will be sticking to the one without bleach just because of how clumsy I am with bleach :)
Thanks to Purex, I was also given 3 free coupons for any Soft Scrub Total, Bleach Clean, or abrasive product to give to my friends/readers!
Since I don't get many readers I will send each of the first three commenters on this blog post a coupon to use for themselves!

Thanks for participating! Winners are Rachel, Gina, and Natalie! I will contact you for your mailing info :)