Friday, May 23, 2014

Purex Dryer Sheets Review and giveaway (CLOSED)

Thanks to Purex, I was able to try out the new purex dryer sheets. I was a bit scared when the box arrived broken and the sheets were all stuck together, but they worked just like they should. My jacket that had smelled like smoke smelled good all week putting it on and made me want to wear it even when it was warm :) Even the car smelled better after leaving the jacket inside!
If you like to use dryer sheets, comment and 2-3 commenter's will win their own coupon for a free box courtesy of Purex Insiders! Please be sure to give a way to reach you if I do not know you personally!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

(CLOSED)Purex No Sort Review and Giveaway!

When you have four people in one house (and 2 are under the age of 6), you accumulate a LOT of laundry. And by a lot I mean loads. It can be a pain (and cause much procrastination) to sort laundry, thinking that the whites will become pinks and the yellows become greens, etc. It means most of the time, I am short on socks because I don't have enough whites for a full load and don't want to waste the water and energy on a load of socks, or don't want to wash my new jeans because the rest of my clothes might as well get thrown out afterwards.

In comes Purex No Sort laundry detergent to save the day. Now not only do I not have to sort the clothes, but even my kids (or Hubs!) could do laundry. Saweeeeeet!
This makes laundry so much easier, and less of a stress that nobody needs! And works! My clothes look as they should, and I am relaxing knowing I won't be making a sock run later this week :)

If you would also like to save some time and get some of this for FREE, please enter to win a coupon for a free bottle by commenting on this post. Three winners will be chosen Thursday night, and please include a way for me to get ahold of you if I don't know you personally (sorry I don't have a form for that!).
Also, don't forget to enter to win The Rules Have Changed with NEW Purex® No Sort™ for Colors Detergent Sweepstakes!!

COUPON WINNERS - Brandon & Cheryl on the blog, and Becky on FB!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

*CLOSED* Dial Vitamin Boost Body Wash Review and Giveaway

If you live pretty much anywhere this winter, like me you probably are ready for summer and sick of battling the dryness that comes with this harsh weather. I can hardly keep up with it, from lotions to oils and everything in-between, it seems my skin is rebelling and has decided nothing is good enough. Despite that, my war wages on and I continue to fight the dry skin battle. Thanks to Purex Insiders and Dial, this month I was able to add to my weapons Dial Vitamin Boost Body Wash. Because of the current Arctic chill we are in I was a bit skeptical that the results would be noticeable, but I am really seeing a difference. It is infused with lotion and vitamins, smells great, and comes in a large, affordable bottle. I use it both as a creamy body wash and as a shaving aid, and my skin (especially my legs) feels super smooth right out of the shower. The hot water in the shower is no match for Dial, and helps me feel like it is a great start to smooth, hydrated skin.

Because of their generosity (and wanting consumers to be able to try it out!) I was given 2 coupons for a free bottle, and an extra coupon for the guys out there to giveaway, good for a free bottle of Dial for Men Power Scrub Body Wash.

Comment on this post (or on FB) and I will pick 3 winners randomly tomorrow morning!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Combat Ant Killing Bait Strips FTW!

I recently was able to try out Combat Ant Killing Baits Strips courtesy of Purex Insiders. First off, our newly built home is built on a plot of primarily sand, so we literally have a yard, and subsequently a house, covered in ants. These Combat strips are small and discrete, so you can place them anywhere without the ugly look of most traps I have used in the past. There is a small bit of tape to attach if you want to put them under cabinets, etc (which came off without a hitch), and the pack comes with 6 strips to place where needed. I have been seeing the sneaky little buggers a lot in our master bathroom lately so I decided to start there. No one but Josh and I go in there normally so I wasn't concerned about being discrete so I placed it right where I could see the action, lol! Within an hour, the strip was literally COVERED in ants! Then, by the end of the day they were all gone. Where did they go? Well, they did exactly what the package noted, they gobbled up what they could of the bait and brought it diligently back to their lair, where I assume the rest of their buddies (and hopefully their queen!) shared in the bait. Now it is a few weeks later, and prime ant season as the snow is melting and the ants are coming out to play, and I have definitely seen a decrease in the pesky bugs. I didn't expect them to completely go away, but the Combat strips did more than what I really thought they would.

Through June, Combat is also holding a $1,000 sweeps. Go here to enter to win one of three $250 Visa gift cards or one $1,000 grand prize Visa gift card, woohoo!
*As always, the product I am reviewing was provided to me at no cost to me, but the opinions are all my own.

Friday, March 8, 2013

(CLOSED) Dial Coconut Water Body Wash Review, Sweeps & Coupon Giveaway

Once again, I am trying out a product thanks to Purex Insiders. This time Dial has provided us with the opportunity to try out their new Coconut Water body wash. Can I just say, using coconut water seems genius. I have heard so many great things about coconut water, I am not surprised that its use is growing. Who knew that it could help moisturize, too! I have been using it for the past week and I am loving it. The scent is light and fresh, the gel/lather is great and it does a great job cleaning and moisturizing. I use body wash to shave my legs, so knowing I might dry out my legs less is a huge plus for me. I wish the rest of the ingredients were more natural to really go with the coconut water, but that was my only gripe.

If you want to try this as well, head here to enter to win one of 250 bottles (or the $1,000 grand prize!), while you are there, don't forget to like their page! Also, leave a comment here to also try to win one of 3 coupons for a free bottle from me (comments are moderated for spam so may not appear right away)! I will pick 3 winners using next friday 3/15/13. Good luck!!

* Dial provided me with a sample of the new Coconut Water Body Wash in exchange for a review; however, all views expressed are my own.

(CLOSED) Tropical Blends Review, Sweeps & Coupon Giveaway

Thanks to Purex Insiders, I was able to try a fabulous new product, Honey Bunches of Oats Tropical Blends (Mango/Coconut)! Honey Bunches of Oats is one of my absolute favorite cereals, so I was definitely excited to try it, albeit a bit hesitant knowing how much I love the original. I was worried mostly about the coconut being too overpowering, but luckily the crunchy, oat-y flavor I love was still there and the coconut was subtle. It was much better than I expected and something I will rotate in with my regulars (sorry, it didn't quite replace my faves!) from now on.

Along with allowing us to try the cereal, the brand is also promoting with a fantastic new sweepstakes for all to enter (Hello, trip to Hawaii!!!) and has given me three coupons for a free box to give away to my readers :) Simply comment on this post to enter (comments are moderated for spam, so it may not appear right away). I will use to pick 3 winners next Friday, March 15th! Good Luck!

* Honey Bunches of Oats provided me with a sample of the new Tropical Blends in exchange for a review; however, all views expressed are my own.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

(CLOSED)Purex Baby Review and Giveaway

Thanks to Purex (and Purex Insiders), I was able to try out the new Purex Baby detergent. I am pretty much obsessed with finding the best detergent, and even moreso to find one that is good for my kids' clothes and delicate skin. This winter has been rough, so dry and so cold! We all have been battling dry, chapped, itchy skin. I never really thought that our laundry detergent could be aggravating but I have definitely seen a difference since we started using the Purex Baby, especially with Keira who constantly tells me how much her legs itch before going to bed. Baby's skin is meant to be super soft, right?! Not only has the Purex Baby helped to keep my girls' skin soft, it also does what it is supposed to do as a laundry detergent - get clothes clean (at a reasonable price)!

Not only did I get to try this great new product, but I also have 3 coupons for a FREE bottle to give away as well. Comment on this post to enter, then I will randomly draw 3 entries on Friday to receive one of their own. Make sure to check out Purex on Facebook and enter their Sharp Dressed Baby Sweepstakes for another way to win. Good Luck!! *Disclaimer: I was given a bottle for free to review from Purex, but the opinions stated are all mine :)
Names are drawn thanks to, winners are Misty, Carrie, & Becky! I will contact you to get your info and will mail your coupon on Monday. Congrats and thank you for participating!