Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Combat Ant Killing Bait Strips FTW!

I recently was able to try out Combat Ant Killing Baits Strips courtesy of Purex Insiders. First off, our newly built home is built on a plot of primarily sand, so we literally have a yard, and subsequently a house, covered in ants. These Combat strips are small and discrete, so you can place them anywhere without the ugly look of most traps I have used in the past. There is a small bit of tape to attach if you want to put them under cabinets, etc (which came off without a hitch), and the pack comes with 6 strips to place where needed. I have been seeing the sneaky little buggers a lot in our master bathroom lately so I decided to start there. No one but Josh and I go in there normally so I wasn't concerned about being discrete so I placed it right where I could see the action, lol! Within an hour, the strip was literally COVERED in ants! Then, by the end of the day they were all gone. Where did they go? Well, they did exactly what the package noted, they gobbled up what they could of the bait and brought it diligently back to their lair, where I assume the rest of their buddies (and hopefully their queen!) shared in the bait. Now it is a few weeks later, and prime ant season as the snow is melting and the ants are coming out to play, and I have definitely seen a decrease in the pesky bugs. I didn't expect them to completely go away, but the Combat strips did more than what I really thought they would.

Through June, Combat is also holding a $1,000 sweeps. Go here to enter to win one of three $250 Visa gift cards or one $1,000 grand prize Visa gift card, woohoo!
*As always, the product I am reviewing was provided to me at no cost to me, but the opinions are all my own.

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