Friday, December 8, 2006

Christmas Spirit

So much seems to be going on this time of year - it is hard to sit down and write about it, but here goes:
  • I LOVE the smells lingering in the air around Christmas - from the scent of the pine trees, to cookies baking, to the seasonal candles you find (Josh hates it but I think cinnamon is my favorite, followed by candy cane). I even have holiday flavored coffee creamer! Everywhere you go, you are reminded of the upcoming holidays and I can't get enough of it!

  • Christmas parties are the devil (see exhibit A & B- from the PB Annual Christmas party). They gave each of us FOUR drink tickets... So if you think about that - almost everyone comes as a couple and one of them is usually the sober driver - which ultimately means you could come away with EIGHT drinks for one person. I think I had closer to twenty drinks myself, as my display of my belching talents would imply. The pictures were pretty funny, too, but I will have to keep them off the blog in order to not get killed by my coworkers...

  • The new house is starting to look more and more festive... The tree is up, lit, and decorated. The stack of presents is short, but growing as the days go by. We found some really good ones this year and we can't wait to give them away! We are even putting on a Christmas Eve Eve dinner with friends where I am going to make everyone play Catchphrase whether they want to or not :)
Exhibit A & B:

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