Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sneaky Sneaky

Sunday morning Josh and I woke to Boscoe barking... Josh brought him outside thinking nature was calling, but the pup just froze and looked scared once outside. Josh then heard a noise and let the dog back inside, grabbed a broomball broom, and went back outside to see the neighbor's motion spotlight go on and hear someone running away. The dome light was still on in his car so he knew what had just happened - someone had broken into the car. Being the good citizen he is, Josh woke me up and called the police, who showed up very quickly, but could not do much to catch the thief.
At first we had thought that there were two - one checking out the front of houses on a bike (we saw the tracks in the fresh snow) and then the other going into the vehicles after given the "all clear" from the perp in the front. After daybreak, Josh followed both the tracks from the front and the footprints in the back. The footprints clearly went to many different houses on the block with most of the cars also broken into. The bicycle tracks, however, actually led to a house with the bike in clear view in the yard. Josh looked up the address and called the homeowner to find out that the bike belongs to our paper boy who happened to be delivering papers around the same time as the break-ins. The paperboy noticed another bike stashed on the road nearby, we assume was either stolen or used for getaway.
After all that work - in the bitter cold I might add - we are left with a broken CD player and tracks that are now long gone.
Also - Boscoe has turned out to be worth the pain he has been chewing on everything in sight... He doesn't normally bark much, but he sure did let us know when he was alarmed!

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