Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy Holidays :)

First pic shows a few of the gifts we received, followed by a few pics from our second annual Christmas Eve Eve dinner. This year I made Chicken Parisienne (one of my faves from Gram P. ), calico beans, fresh green beans with creamy portabello mushroom sauce mix from Tastefully Simple, garlic/bacon/ranch mashed red-skinned potatoes, and of course a veggie tray with dill dip. Our awesome guests brought the drinks, including a 20 year old bottle of port from Aunt Lisa and homemade mead from Sean. Heather made the dessert this year - as shown in the pic - which was a frosted chocolate mini bundt cake sprinkled with crushed candy canes, with a homemade chocolate shot glass inside filled with chocolate-mint liqueur - YUM! As you can see from Sean - that shot helped make for a good time indeed :)
Christmas was then spent in Brainerd at Gram's house, followed by New Years in Nashwauk. Not too shabby for this year's holidays - good food, good company, and a warm place to stay - I really cannot complain!
The last pic shows an update of how my flowers are growing in my new greenhouse - amazing how fast they have grown - the daffodils are blooming already, and the amaryllis is close.

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Emily said...

I love that Boscoe has his own spot on the couch during the party!