Friday, May 16, 2008

Babies on the Brain

A few of you know this, and I have decided that it is OK that I like to talk about it - Yes, Josh and I are trying to concieve (or as all the sites call it - TTC). So far this is our first month trying, so we will not know if we are successful or not for awhile - over 6 years we have been together without getting pregnant (which doesn't surprise me - I have never been on birth control, but we have never once until now had unprotected sex) - pretty crazy. We have talked about kids for probably about a year now :)
At first, I thought we should keep this to ourselves, knowing that we very well may not be able to become pregnant for months, and God forbid, if we couldn't at all or if something happened once we were pregnant. Either way this all turns out - I know that we love each other so very much and are ready to expand our family. I have such a great support system in all of my family and friends, so I want to include you all in our journey.
I am so excited and scared, and I feel consumed by it all. It's pretty much all I think about these days. I don't have any books yet, but I have been reading as much as I can online, and talking to all of the wonderful moms that I know. Overall, the gory details are probably the scariest but more than that I know I am going to love the magic of it all - having a tiny person growing inside you, watching them grow, feeling how they feel - it really is so amazing. I will be the first person to say that I have never been a huge "baby person", but not in the sense that I am anti-baby, more that I always felt they were so fragile and I was not equipped to care for them correctly. I have always been told that things will change when the child is your own - I am actually starting to believe it. I have had such great moms around me to look up to - my own mom & grandmas, new moms like Emily, and friends like Stacy. People who I know I could call any time I need advice and they will always be there for me.
Josh has been so wonderful, keeping me sane and keeping up with all of my goofy comments and the wealth of information I unload on him after surfing the web - I send him random links all the time :) He is happy to talk about our plans as well - he has wanted kids as long as I have known him.
This is only the beginning - I plan to post questions I have here, progress, and whatever else - I am an open book and I like it that way - it's my therapy I guess so feel free to ignore my rants :)
I heard the song posted previously (Capri by Colbie Callait - I bought the CD for Josh because we both really liked the song Bubbly) not long after precious Anna was born, and loved it so much. I hope soon I can think of it as it relates to me!


Anonymous said...

How wonderful to post this information. I know that you will be successful. Our bodies are amazing temples and reward us for our hard work of what we are trying to achieve. But I am sure that you have heard the old saying about couples that try "too hard" to conceive and fail and the minute they relax and don't think about it... it happens. Good Luck sweetheart...and by the way, you would make a wonderful Mother. Just from what I have seen via pictures of you and Anna... Love You

Sunflower said...

Yeah ... It is out .... I know you guys will be awesome parents. The best is the trying :)