Sunday, July 26, 2009

First Cereal (& more!)

Another great weekend here!

First, Josh raced in the Paul Bunyan Triathlon. You wouldn't know it from the recorded times (Josh's time was over 10 hrs according to their clock, which would mean he started around midnight!) but he did very well! He swam, biked, & ran the long course this year and barely looked winded! I think I would have collapsed :)

Not long after the race, Josh, Heather, & Bishop came to visit. We had a great time bbqing, strolling around town, & playing a game of Munchkin (which I won, WOOT!).

After Josh, Heather, & Bishop headed home, we decided to give Keira a taste of cereal. We started with about 1.5 oz of milk & mixed in just a bit of cereal so it was still very close to the consistency of milk. She did really well!

She started by staring down the spoon for a few seconds...

Then went to town!


Emily said...

Very cute! Love the hat pics.

The Liend's said...

Love the hat! Cute!