Tuesday, August 24, 2010


is the number of beats our baby's heart is beating per minute, and how many times he/she steals mine :)

Friday, August 20th was our first OB appointment. It went well, pretty standard stuff. Only issue was that he was not able to find Baby's heartbeat with the Doppler. So yesterday we were able to SEE the heartbeat instead :)
There are a few reasons why the Doppler did not work - the baby could have been moving too much, my uterus is slightly tilted after having K, and according to the ultrasound the placenta is forming toward the front making more padding for the machine to go through. Nothing that would be cause for alarm, thankfully.
A few notes - the bloat is down a bit - so I no longer look huge :P The morning sickness has not subsided and I am pretty miserable, but I'll take it. I'm thinking it will get better soon, right? :) One thing I completely forgot about with K that is hitting me HARD right now, is the ITCHING! It is insane. I would really like to tear my skin off some days (and nights, not fun!). I always attributed it to the weather, winter, dry skin, whatever. But now I really think it is a pregnancy thing because it came back :P

Anyway, enough of the complaining - we are so happy and blessed. All of the annoying things are things that also make me laugh and smile, because I know that there is a beautiful little baby snug and sound growing and kicking up a storm.

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