Monday, October 4, 2010

Elmers/Xacto Bzz

As a Bzz agent, I am loving the new Bzz Campaign I was lucky to be chosen for!
Elmers has always had the best products for gluing and adhering items for craft projects, and now I have an excuse to try them out.
Last weekend happened to be Gram's 80th Bday party, so I decided what better to start with than a card, made primarily by me but decorated by Keira and her newfound coloring skills :)
So I made a trek to JoAnn Fabrics for some extra supplies (paper, stickers etc) and checked out the goods in the Bzzkit to see what items would work with our project. We ended up using the Elmers glue stick and a few glue spots, along with the Xacto scissors and corner rounder. The end product was super cute & Gram loved it! Keira of course loved adding the stickers and coloring all over it as well :)
Pics will be added soon!

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