Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Productive Weekend

Josh and I had such a great weekend... As always, the weekend started off with work, but that leaves us Sunday and Monday to do what we please. After work on Saturday, we made our monthly stop at Brigid's for dinner - gotta love the Irish food! Sunday was pretty relaxed - I did some dishes and laundry, then I cleaned out our hallway closet and made it into a craft closet. Josh jokes that he married a 60 year-old woman because in a mere few months I have managed to finish numerous projects, can usually be found sitting in front of the sewing machine, and now have an entire closet full of supplies!
Okay - back to the weekend - Sunday was absolutely perfect! I got up and brought Boscoe for a walk and to the vet to get his nails trimmed - he hates it so much he planted his butt on the pavement in the parking lot and had to be dragged inside! Of course after it was done he pranced out like he was perty again :) Once we got home, Josh informed me that he had to much time indoors and since it was such a nice day we should find something to do. After brainstorming (and shooting down most of the travel-related ideas) we decided to go downtown and check out some of the local shops and have lunch at a new cafe we had not been to yet. We started out at Chocolates Plus, then stopped at Ben Franklin, then ate at Minnesota Nice, then to the bookstore, then to the liquor store for some wine, then back home. Once home, I was beaten severly in 3 games of cribbage (and no Josh, I will not admit you are better than me (yet)) - but the wine helped me get over my losses :)
Later on - we ended up at the carpet remnant store and found a perfect piece to fill in the hallway where Boscoe had been a bad puppy and torn it up. In the theme of home improvements, we also decided to stop at Home Depot and pick up some shelves for over the washer/dryer. I have to admit - we (mostly Josh) are pretty handy - installing everything without any major mishaps!
I was also able to finish another sewing project I have been working on - pictures above.
So that was most of our great weekend - hopefully yours was just as good!


Emily said...

That bag is so cute! Maybe I can get my awesome sis to make me a purple one to use as a diaper bag ;)

heathergus said...

WOW! I LOVE THE QUILT! You may need to start giving lessons :)

Anonymous said...

Well Carly dear.. your sewing is awesome. I do sewing but much more simpler than yours.

Read your blog... sounds like your life is going really well...

miss you