Monday, February 11, 2008

Vegas Part I - Road Trip

As I previously posted - I returned from an awesome trip to Vegas not long ago. Thanks to Stacy - I now have some pictures to prove it (since my camera decided it did not want to turn on on the first day out!). The trip will be divided into 2 posts since I have lots of pics to show (and more later possibly!).

Ok - I will start the photo show with the road trip the Trask girls and I took on our second day in Vegas. Despite a rocky start trying to get to the highway from our hotel, the trip went very smoothly... We started through the Red Rock Canyon - taking pictures along the scenic route:

We stopped at an old west town called Bonnie Springs for breakfast (where there were quite a few dollar bills tacked to the ceiling) - they also had great food!

Heading out of the Red Rocks we stopped at Joe's Cactus nursery where Stacy got some free glass rocks, Ruth & Corryn bought some pretty nifty homemade earrings, and I pet a pig...

After about an hour of driving toward what we thought was toward the Hoover Dam, we were informed by Ruth that we were actually on our way to a tiny hick town in California called Nipton in search of a pirate named Billy the Kid (long story)... Turns out he was out in the fields working on his backhoe, but we had a pretty good time at the local cantina (a trailer with a pool table and a couple of coolers) claiming to have the "coldest beer around." They were right - the beer was definitely cold and we had a great time chatting with Billy's neighbor, Linda (who was missing most of her teeth and lived in a bus down the street with her brother :).

After leaving Nipton, we traveled along toward the Hoover Dam/Lake Mead and took some Dam pictures:

The Dam was amazing - really big and definitely something I won't forget. As you can see - it was a bit windy :) Oh and the last pic shows the new highway being built - and I am so glad we came through BEFORE that was finished - it looked super scary jutting out into nowhere like that!

More about the hotels/casinos, night life and all of the money we won coming soon in Part II of our Vegas vacation!


Anonymous said...

Amazing pictures.... looks like you guys had fun. But I am confused.... you all are dressed like it is winter time... how cold was it..

CP said...

It was probably about 45-50 degress the whole time we were there- but we still made it into the outdoor pool :) Once we told people what a Polar Plunge was in Bemidji they understood why it was pretty warm for us :)

Froyd said...

hey, I know those people!