Friday, February 15, 2008

Vegas - Part II

SO... I am the type of dork who right away when I got home from Vegas I made a list of everything we saw/did over the 5 days... Problem is, I am also a forgetful dork - thus I had forgotten my list at Gram's house... Luckily, she is thoughtful and mailed my list to me at home, but unfortunately that list must have smelled like her dog Inga, because as soon as Boscoe could reach the list, he grabbed it and tore it to pieces. I tried to repair the damage so I could read what I had wrote, but it looks like I will have to piece my memories together better than that darned piece of paper :)
Here goes...

We arrived in Vegas fairly early in the morning - so we took the shuttle to the hotel and checked in our luggage, then started on our way down Fremont Street exploring. Soon after, we were joined by Kate, who traveled all the way from California with Brad to meet up with us in Vegas. She was a blast - screaming for joy anytime any one of us won a few cents on the machines - the perfect cheerleader :) We had people coming from all over wanting to see the big winners! We became members of the "Player's Club"s at a few casinos, mainly for the free slot play, free deck of cards, or free t-shirts :)

We hit up a few vendors on the streets, had a few more drinks while playing at the casinos, and saw the light show on Fremont (Or Fairmont as Stacy calls it :).

The next couple of days we were typical tourists - spending a few bucks here and there, accumulating coupons for various shows/buffets, and taking pictures along the way. We experienced public transportation at its best - taking the Deuce bus to the strip and back.
Along the strip we checked out most of the hotels - most notably the Chinese Zen gardens, fountain show and ceilings at the Bellagio, lion habitat at the MGM, statues at Caesar's Palace, M&M Factory, Paris eiffel tower replica, and New York New York statue of liberty replica.

Some of the shows we saw included the Sirens at the Treasure Island, acrobats at the Circus Circus, Viva Las Vegas at the Plaza, and we even screened a TV show at Television City (fyi - stay away from the new Jeffrey Tambor series El Capitan - not so good!!!).

Turns out we are all not so good at bingo either - but had a blast (and worked up a sweat dabbing as fast as we could!) The jerky shop across the hall was a welcome break - we left there with lots of things to bring home to MN.

One thing I have to also say was how pleased we were with our hotel, the Golden Nugget - good service and an awesome outdoor pool. It actually had a SHARK tank in the middle of it, with a slide going right through the tank into the water! We were literally about 2 inches from the sharks! The air temp was around 45-50 degrees, perfect for us Minnesotans to take a dip :)
Amid the $1.99 shrimp cocktails, penny slots, and all of the previously mentioned adventures - I am most excited about how great it was to take a vacation with such wonderful people! I don't think I would have had the same experience without my dear friend Stacy and my new friends Corryn and Ruth!


Sunflower said...

Are you trying to make me cry??? You are the bestest person ever to travel with - I would love to go again .. soon.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you guys had the best time. I imagine that you will be doing that again.