Monday, April 21, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We are finally off the road and back to the couch :)

To finish off the list of activities:
Sat - Head out of CO pretty early, travel up through Wyoming and SD through national parks, touristy stops like Crazy Horse & Mount Rushmore, then a sunset drive through the Badlands, a couple of beers and a pizza in Wall, and a quick dip in the hot tub at our hotel.
Sun - Early rise to get the breakfast buffet and 5 cent coffee at Wall Drug, a bit of shopping, another drive through the Badlands, travel on I-90 through horrible winds, stop to see the Corn Palace, then back to MN to drop off the minivan.
Mon - a bit of playtime with Anna before heading to Nashwauk to drop off Mom and Gunny and then back home to Bemidji to a very excited Boscoe and Josh :)

So we saw also sooooo many animals - the elk posted earlier, cows right in town (doing shoulder work apparently), a turkey and fox at our hotels, prairie dogs, antelope, mule deer & sheep at the Badlands, a chipmunk beggar at Mount Rushmore - and of course we took pics :)


Kijar said...
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Fenrisar said...
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Carren J. said...

Wow.. what the heck is with the deleted comments.. they must not have been very nice.... love the pictures of the animals... sounds like you had a mixture of it all animals and weather related. One picture is all dry and then the fox is in snow...

Mary Ann'gler said...

I was wondering about those comments as well. I'm having hissy fits trying to post pics on my blog. I spent one hour writing and attaching pics then up telling me something went wrong with their site...Old people and computers...comment deleted.
Carly forgot about the racoon massacre on highways also. We sure did see many different species...alive and...not so alive.

Mary Ann'gler said...

You forgot my pic of the buffalo! ;)