Friday, April 18, 2008

Road Trippin'

Mom and I are now in Colorado - about halfway through our trek from Arizona to Minnesota.

Here's the rundown so far:
Wed - Arrive in Arizona, Help with packing for Grandma & Grandpa Walsh, Lunch with Cousin Amber, Sunning by the pool, dinner, and sleep.
Thurs - Attempt to check out the flea market only to find out they are only open Fri, Sat, & Sun... Start off on our trip home around ten, stop in Sedona for souvenirs & a new wardrobe for mom, drive through the Grand Canyon at sunset, get a way too expensive hotel in Tuba City...
Fri - Mostly driving - from Tuba City, AZ, through Utah, and up through the Rockies to Colorado, with a stop at Palisade for wine tasting at a local winery/orchard, stop at a rest stop to take pics of the Colorado River, and now we are in Frisco, CO just South of Denver for another night's rest.

A couple of observations so far - (1)Sedona is beautiful but I hate those circle turnabout things and they are EVERYWHERE there, (2)the Grand Canyon is a sight to see - too bad pics don't do it justice, (3)I love wine, (4)I need a house in Colorado either on the mountain or on the river and enough money to be able to helicopter in without having to DRIVE on these crazy roads :)

Oh - and the speed limits are insanely high - 65 on two-lane roads is in my mind ridiculous - especially since most of the roads do not have shoulders!

And now for your enjoyment... Some pics to awe you (even though lots are taken through dirty windshields)!


Emily said...

I thought you might post while on the road :)

I was just thinking- I wonder where they are?

P.S. your tabs are expired :(

Becky Laswell said...

The pictures are great - thanks for posting them! I hope you're enjoying this part of the scenery, because you may have some dull parts ahead as you get into Eastern Colorado and western Nebraska. We have friends in Colorado who complain about that part of the trip every time they go back to MN.

I presume your route takes you across I-80 in Nebraska, then north on I-35. If so, you'll drive right by Grand Island, NE where Steve lives.

CP said...

We thought about going through Nebraska, because I think it probably would have been shorter, but we wanted to see all the sights we could :) I was amazed at how much SD has to do!

Mary Ann'gler said...

Mike and I took the Nebraska route last year with Grandpa's was worth the extra miles to have scenery and critters to see!