Tuesday, July 8, 2008

First of Many

We took our first camping trip in the new pop-up over the fourth to the Pike Dale Resort near Longville on Leech Lake... Had a blast hanging out and fishing. We also browsed the cutesy shops in Walker, roasted some marshmallows, and played some cards. The boys swam and threw the football around - pics show how easy it is in water past your waist :) Heather, Bishop, and I fished and Heather caught a nasty bullhead with one eye. Luckily a little boy came by with some gloves to toss him back in the water.
We were a bit far from the bathrooms/showers but the camper worked well and was a snap to set up.
Can't wait for more trips like these!


Froyd said...

huzzah for boxed wine! huzzah!

CP said...

Hellz ya! Funny I was wondering if someone would notice that :)
You and Josh should make a book of made-up words by the way - his new one is SPLAPPA. Very similar to HUZZAH I believe.

Carren J. said...

Glad that you had fun. Also noticed the wine.. but who cares... what fun to find different places to go.