Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Funny Story

So I went to the Dr for a "clinical" pg test today. And by "clinical" of course they mean another urine test. Well apparently there is a right way and a wrong way to pee in a cup. The lady hands me the cup and a wetnap, so I go in, pee in the cup, and use the wetnap to wipe my hands - you would think it would be that simple. Nope, after I was done I noticed a bulletin on the wall with directions... First, you are supposed to use the wetnap to wipe your "folds" (their words, not mine) and apparently you are supposed to catch MIDSTREAM urine. Uh that means you have to STOP halfway - heck no!
Needless to say - I didn't tell them I effed up and of course the test still came up positive (not sure what the difference is with midstream anyway). And we scheduled my first appt for when I am 11 weeks along. Seems like a long time to wait without hearing the heartbeat and I'm not even sure if we will hear it then either. Sucky, but oh well, I am just happy to be pregnant so I will try not to complain.
Also, I am addicted to pg tickers :)


kristine said...

Yes, it is a long time to wait. If you are able to hear the heartbeat, it is soooo worth the wait. Just make sure you have the tissues handy, in case they can find it!

Trasks said...

I have been crying the last 5 days - happy tears of course.

Anonymous said...

This will be so exciting watching. I love the one with the baby in the womb... that one is like the real thing to watch. Keep us updated on how you feel as well. Love you.