Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lymes Disease Strikes Again

Not only has this bugger of a disease affected a close family member this summer, but now it has also infected our pooch. Josh and I woke to a limping pup this morning, he would not walk on his hind right leg at all and would wimper if you touched it. At first I thought he was limping because his leg had fallen asleep, or maybe that he had strained it. Josh brought Boscoe to the vet over his lunch hour, where they did bloodwork and found that it is indeed Lymes. He is now on antibiotics (the same given to humans actually) and an anti-inflammatory for his swollen joints. He was happy to see me when I went home for my lunch, tail wagging and all but still hobbling over on only 3 paws. Made me feel good to know he is ok. Now to get him to take the pills... This should be fun!


Anonymous said...

Poor little guy... he must of gotten over the weekend while you you out at that farm.... do you think... unless he got it in your back yard... but I would of thought the would of gotten them before if it came from your back yard.... give him a hug for me.

CP said...

Yeah I think it was from the farm, too. He was literally outside all day long there, and it is on a lake, cows around, etc. Glad we were able to catch it right away!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear it.
We have to defend our 4 legs friends.
Here are some tips of how to protect dogs from lyme diase tips.


take care!

Mary Ann'gler said...

We should have taken your brother Wild Mike to the vet! Would have saved us over $3000 for same treatment and probably treated better!!!!