Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pizza Train

**Warning - picture heavy post follows :)**

Josh and I just got home from a weekend in DL. Well, maybe not *just* got home, as I had to take a nap before doing anything :)

The weekend started with Josh competing in the Young Life Triathlon in DL. It was his first time switching from Sprint distance to the Olympic distance course, which is about double the length.

He did well, and I am so proud of him for it - it really is a long ways!

We met some new people at this Tri - Austin from Fargo who did his first Tri in Bemidji a couple of weeks ago.

And of course Josh ran with the original Bemidji Tri Guys - Wade, Dan & Ryan. Wade's kids were able to come and see the action (and swim at the awesome beach).

Little Liam enjoyed Wade's cookie as you can see :)
After the race, we went to Chad's cabin to spend the rest of the weekend with college buddies. His cabin is the best place to hang out because of the rolling hills, and his sweet parents have made the farm one of the cutest with all of the landscaping they have done.

We spent the rest of the weekend playing junkball, chip golf, horseshoes, and sitting by the campfire.

They recently took in a stray cat - Boscoe got along with her a TINY bit better than the cat the other day, but I still wouldn't call them friends. I think they stayed about 10 feet away from each other most of the time, until Boscoe tried to get her to play :) She was not cooperative! Unfortunately, the statue dalmation watchdog couldn't play with Boscoe either :) We had a great weekend - next weekend should be another - Josh has another Tri in Baxter and I will be heading northeast to Mom & Dad's to hang out with them and Em & Anna.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a full, fun weekend. How were you feeling. I hope that it was a good weekend for you.

CP said...

I felt great most of the weekend - only got sick once and I think it was because of being in the sun/warmth too much.

The Liend's said...

What a fun weekend you guys had...have to enjoy all this nice weather while it lasts. Winter is approaching fast! I wish I was as athletic as josh- my goodness he's a busy one with all of his triathalons. Just looking at all the pictures makes me feel like I need to get up and run or something:)