Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Dr. Appt

Had my 19 week appointment today. Waited an hour and a half to see the doc as he was doing a delivery. Most of his other patients left, but his nurse said he would only be a few minutes more (a couple of times) and so I waited. I was so excited to be able to schedule my big ultrasound I really didn't want to leave without that date. The appointment went good, BP is better, HB was there, no protein or whatnot in my urine, and I was weighed (no gain there - exactly the same as a month ago but ok according to doc). Probably took all of 5 min total. He was in a rush to get to a c-section, also, such a busy guy!
Anyway - so he gives me a sheet to give to the receptionist and wants me to come back in 4 weeks for my next appt and wanted them to schedule the ultrasound for the same day. I get to the receptionist and am told to sit and wait again. Then they called me up and said they are replacing the ultrasound equipment around the time the doc wanted it scheduled so they scheduled me for 5 weeks out. I will be just about 24 weeks then. I know it is only a week later (although I was also hoping he would tell me 3 weeks instead of 4) but still I am a bit sad - not only did I wait forever today, but I was hoping to see the baby sooner. I also was hoping to be able to tell everyone at Thanksgiving. I know that the pluses of waiting far outweigh my need to know if our baby is a boy or a girl. We will be able to see the organs better, the equipment will be new and hopefully better, etc. But it is hard not to feel down a bit. I suppose I could call and see if I could get in before they switch out the equipment, but I know I will feel selfish for doing it when really all that matters is that the baby is healthy.

On the plus side - I voted today :) I feel good about that at least!

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kristine said...

I can see your disappointment and sadness. I think I would feel the same way. You know, we had our big u/s at 21 weeks and they were able to see everything just fine - with the excetion of one of the heart chambers and that wasn't because it was too early, it was because Parker was in a funny position. I think you should call and see if you can get in in 3 weeks. It doesn't hurt and hey - I'm sure it's not the first time it's happened.