Sunday, November 30, 2008

Weekend Crafts

First off, a mosaic Christmas table runner. First pic shows it all laid out before sewing.
Unfortunately, it ended up a bit difficult to tell what the image is supposed to be :( Josh thought it was a butterfly. I thought maybe the colors would give it away?
This pic looks way too bright - the colors on the back are actually pretty deep - my camera flash distorts a bit I think.

Second project is a simple flannel baby quilt/blanket. I found the cute monkey fabric in a bin at JoAnn's this weekend and had to do something with it. All that is left is to hand-stitch the binding (made of a silky brown fabric). I may add an initial (applique? I suppose you would call it) to the back if we end up having a boy - otherwise I know of a few girls having boys so I will customize for them.
Not a bad weekend - sew, nap, eat and repeat :)


Our Family said...

holly and berries, right? Sounds like a great weekend!

Heather said...

Josh couldn't tell because he's colorblind lol ;) I loved them both, you do fantastic work!

Anonymous said...

I knew when I saw it that it was Holly and berries as well. And the baby blanket is cute.. it does not have to be for a boy.. girls like monkeys as well. I agree.. you do good work.

Emily said...

I agree, a monkey theme would be cute for a girl too. I know I dress Anna in a lot of pink, but all the other stuff is neutral for baby #2.