Friday, March 20, 2009

Baby Guesses

We started a poll at the work shower and I added everyone from the previous post. If anyone else wants in - post in comments and I will edit you in :)

Lyndi O - 3/13 7lbs 3oz
Patti C - 3/17 6lbs 3oz
Heather P - 3/19 6lbs 10oz
Jackie B - 3/21 6lbs 2oz
Crystal M - 3/22 6lbs 8oz
Anonymous? - 3/22 7lbs 12oz 6PM
Heather H - 3/23 7lbs 3oz
Jen H - 3/25 6lbs 8oz
Stacy T - 3/26 6lbs 8oz
Carren J - 3/26 6lbs 6oz
Mom - 3/26 7lbs 10oz
Amanda S - 3/27 6lbs 11oz
Amber G - 3/27
Brandon O - 3/27 7lbs 9oz
Lisa G - 3/28 7lbs 3oz
Emily S - 3/28 7lbs 13oz
Kay E - 3/28 7lbs 1oz
Deb D - 3/29 7lbs 3oz
Sarah L - 3/29 7lbs 4oz
Jen T - 3/30 6lbs 9oz
Kylie S - 3/30 6 lbs 11oz
Elaine I - 3/31 7lbs 2oz
Gram P - 3/31 7lbs 6oz

Becky L - 4/1
Angie B - 4/2 7lbs 11oz
Lorie S - 4/3 7lbs 1oz
Michelle H - 4/3 7lbs 3oz
Amber G - 4/4
Tania A - 4/5 7lbs 4.3oz
Heidi K - 4/5 7lbs 2oz
Sharon L - 4/6
Elaine P - 4/7 7lbs 5oz
Jamie S - 4/29 14lbs 9oz


The Liend's said...

I pick March 29th ...and 7# 4 oz.

Anonymous said...

I pick April 29th weighing in at 14lb 9oz.

Jamie Schnick

Mary Ann'gler said...

I pick March 26 - 7lbs 10 oz.

I wonder if Jamie is doing well with the basketball brackets after his pick...

CP said...

nice Jamie!

Emily said...

Jamie wants you to know he is joking. He knows you are hormonal, so don't hate him :)

CP said...

No worries :)

Anonymous said...

March 31..7lb.6oz. Gram

Mary Ann'gler said...

I just have to tell you Car...thank you! Your dad normally goes nuts with woodworking when a child is soon to be born to our family...this time it's a redo of our bathroom so you girls won't have to go down to the basement shower! Now I need all of my daughter's decorating sense!

Mary Ann'gler said...

Here is a funny for all and Carly who won't have to deal with this...this time. While dad was redoing bathroom...came upon old stuff in far back of closet..."How to take care of your new baby son's surgery"...won't tell you what brother of yours and I had a good laugh!

CP said...

Lots of Petroleum jelly I have heard :)

Anderson News said...

I'll take a guess! April 5th 7lbs 4.3 oz.

Heather said...

I know I guessed already but you know it would kind of figure that she would be born on March 24th. The only day that no one has picked!!!!! Luv~

Anonymous said...

March 22-----7lbs 12oz-----6:p.m

Anonymous said...

Could you please add 6lb 6oz to my name

Elaine said...

I pick April 7th, 7 lbs. 5oz.=)
Elaine P.

Andy said...

Heidi's Guess- April 5th, 7lbs. 2oz.

Anonymous said...

I say March 30 and she should weigh 6 lbs. and 11 oz.