Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Had my 36 week appointment today. First time being violated! It actually wasn't bad - I was expecting way worse. Also had the strep B test, same thing not too bad. I came ready with a list of questions (I always forget to ask!) and my nurse/doc team was great. They had a student or new nurse with that they were teaching along the way. They asked me before hand if I minded that she was there and I definitely didn't mind - nothing wrong with learning...
I got a list of pediatricians/family practice docs to choose from, and now will be going in once a week.

So far I have gained about 17-20lbs and everything looks great with my blood pressure, etc. Oh yeah, I am dilated at 1.5cm and 50% effaced, which in the grand scheme of things doesn't mean much because she will come when she is ready :)
My doc, ever the one to freak me out of course, told me to stop at the hospital and preregister right away. Then as I am leaving he says, "See you next week, or sooner!" Um, thanks, I think!
I want her to wait a bit of course, but he assured me that she would be just fine even if she decided to come today. And who knows, she could even be overdue, those numbers just never seem to mean jack! The waddle is also in full force, with her head down so low :)
Countdown is on, that is for sure! Nesting has already began if you ask Josh, and hopefully I don't drive him nuts in these next few weeks :)


Becky Laswell said...

After having friends who had their baby at 25 weeks (he's doing fine now, though, thankfully) I think your 36 weeks is long enough!

Hope it all continues to go well. :)

Carren J. said...

Yea... almost time..