Monday, April 13, 2009

2 Weeks Old!

Em made these awesome birth announcements - half went out today and the other half will go out once I get more stamps :)

Keira also had her 2 week appointment today - all is going well, doc says she is doing great, they got the bloodwork results back from what was drawn at the hospital and she has no strange diseases and everything he checked (eyes, ears, belly, spine, hips, etc) all look good, too :)
She was 6lbs 13oz last week and is now 7lbs 8.6oz so my little piggy is gaining well. Length is the same, but her head is almost an inch bigger - I think she gets that from the Walsh side ;P

Easter was great - it was hilarious to see her do the head bob searching for food from the guys of the family :) We had a wonderful time, and Keira slept the way down and back in the car without problem! We hope everyone else had a great Easter, too!

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Emily said...

Wow! she is eating well :)