Monday, April 20, 2009

3 weeks old!

Keira and I traveled to Brainerd this weekend to see the family at Gram's house. We had such a good time. And OMG - the weather - it got to 77 DEGREES!!! We were able to take the babies for stroller walks and out to Target. It was so nice to have willing and able hands to volunteer to watch K while the girls and I went shopping (I desperately needed some regular clothes - NO MORE MATERNITY!!! - believe it or not I am actually 10 lbs lighter than before getting pregnant).
Anna was so cute with K - calling her baby and trying to get her to suck on the "blop bla" (paci). She really wanted to suck on K's paci and when we would say no she would lick it instead :)
Dad was able to do some yard work for Gram and Grandpa, and Mom steam cleaned the carpets (more than once in some areas due to spit up and dog poo!)
I almost forgot - Keira ROLLED OVER TWICE!!! I wish I could have grabbed the camera fast enough. I cannot believe our little overacheiver! It was from belly to back and Dad was watching, too. She hasn't done it since, but gets so close!

Here are some pics Auntie Em took (you could probably guess that because they are so good :))

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