Friday, May 1, 2009

Cute Outfit

Too cute not to share, even if it is a bit boyish :P I wish the camera captured it better - the cap is long and tied at the end - so she looks like a little elf! Not bad for a $3 Old Navy find... I am so glad she is starting to fit in more than just her newborn clothes, will make for a very cute summer :)

*Em - notice how big she looks in the bean bag! She's growing so much, I love it. Oh, and I think I see some eyebrows sprouting in these pics, too ;)


Emily said...

She looks so huge in the bean bag!!! Crazy! Does she still love it? Cute outfit, even if it is kinda boyish :) Nice balance to all of that pink. Oh funny, an old lady at Jamie's gram's apt. told Anna she was a cute little guy. She was wearing pink. I think she needs a wig :)

The Liend's said...

A cutie as usual!!

kristine said...

Very cute! I actually searched for that for Parker when he was a little baby and couldn't find his size anywhere. She's a doll!