Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Little Fighter

I just love this pic (taken by my great friend, Stacy) - Elise is showing off her guns :)
As you can see, she was back under the bili lights yesterday, but out again today. Today marks one week old! She spit up a little today, but I think that may have been because they could not find my frozen milk (even though it was there all along and definitely no shortage since I am now pumping over 24oz/day) so they gave her formula. Nothing wrong with getting formula in my eyes (we did both for K - breastmilk till 9 months, formula after that till whole milk at a year), but it seemed to be the only different factor so almost has to be the issue. It all but stopped after going back to BM as well.
A routine head ultrasound was also done today, something that is done with preemies at one week (sooner if there is reason). All looks great, no bleeds or abnormalities at all.
The nurses call her a little rockstar. I tend to agree :)

Keira seems to be doing better as well. Josh says her ear has much less draining. She has continued to be in good spirits, luckily this ruptured eardrum hasn't affected her too much!

I have to say a big Thank You to "Auntie" Stacy for visiting yesterday and today! It was so nice to see you :) I can't wait to be back home to see you and everyone else more! I'm super bummed to be missing Heather's baby shower tomorrow, too - I'll definitely be there in spirit, though!

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