Friday, January 7, 2011

No Longer Nameless!

Such a great week this week! Josh and I finally found (what we believe to be) the perfect name and we hit another 2 week milestone, now just over 30 weeks :)

Here is our beautiful baby, Elise Dorothy:

As of this morning, Elise is now 3lb 8oz (+ or - 10%), and like previous biophysical profiles we have had, passed with flying colors :) Along with the growth scan, they recheck for abnormalities that can show up as baby gets bigger (like defects in the heart, cleft, etc) and everything looks great there as well. She's definitely an overachiever, just like her sis who she looks just like :)
Another fantastic tidbit, my cervix at one point measured not much more than half a cm, and now looked to be more like 3.5cm (4cm is what is considered normal) according to the ultrasound measurements! The docs don't know how accurate it is because it is a different type of ultrasound, but I am still taking it as good news. Bedrest is not fun, but definitely working!

So thankful and hopeful, we could not ask for better!

Oh, almost forgot - a few belly pics... Don't mind the stretchmarks, they are in full force :p

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Anonymous said...

Love the name. Love the good news! LOVE the belly! Keep growing it BIGGER and BIGGER!