Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Reel Hookers Rock!

Check out Em's blog for pics with her super camera - but here is the short and sweet stats:
Mom: 3 fish weighed in - Third Place Bass($200); Third Place Perch($100); "Home" raffle package including a lamp, portable gas grill, salt & pepper shakers shaped like fish, and a blender; door prize - towel, tee shirt, hat
Emily - 0 fish weighed in - $165 won in "Split the Pot"; door prize - tee shirt, towel, hat, bag
Stef - 2 fish weighed in - door prize - tee shirt & cookbook
Me - 2 fish weighed in - Second Place Bass($300), door prize - hunting vest and hat

Usually we barely win any of the door prizes :) Great year for the girls - can't wait for next year!


Anonymous said...

I did make my comment on Em's blog, but it is awesome that it was a good family affair this year. That is the way it should be...

Trasks said...

Good Job Hookers ... I am glad you got some nicer weather the last couple days.