Sunday, June 22, 2008

Thanks Mom!

Spent the past two days in Brainerd, hanging out in the sun, trying to get a good pic of Anna in the flowers despite her frowns, remembering our Great Great Aunt Evelyn and saying goodbye, then shopping and garage sale-ing.
I always seem to find the best gifts form Fleet Farm, and always from Mom:

The birthday gift included the shepherd's hook, thistle seed bag, bells & holder, hummingbird feeder, finch feeder, suet cakes, and a huge bag of seed :)
Thanks Again Mom :) Just as good as the awesome greenhouse you got me, too :)


Mary Ann'gler said...

Now you will have to post pics of your new feathered friends. ;)

Anonymous said...

*cough* old lady *cough*

Anonymous said...

This looks so nice with the tree in the background. Nice to have you here. Always a bed ready for # 3 granddaughter. Gram

Trasks said...

I agree with the OLD LADY post ..