Monday, June 2, 2008


So our washing machine crapped out on us yesterday; thus, our new purchase below:

So far so good, although the washing machine started seriously walking aross the bathroom floor during the spin cycle - troubleshooting says it may not be level or the load was uneven - we'll see how that goes :) Our floor is definitely not level :)

Washer - 3.8 CF and says that it only costs $12 a YEAR to operate based on 8 loads/wk
Dryer - 7.0 CF and hopefully dries in less than 3 hours (yep that is how long our old one took, if not longer...


Anonymous said...

Kool.. nice to get new items. I am sure that once they are leveled, things will be just fine.

CP said...

We figured it out - it was pretty funny actually - there were "shipping bolts" on the back that bolted the washbin to the frame - which apparently you have to remove (and yes - it DID say near them "remove before operating") - they need to be independant of each other, otherwise your washer comes alive and walks across the floor :) All is great now! I love them :)