Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I have been tagged :) Not sure if I can think of 7 interesting things about myself, but here goes:

1. I have a mole in my eye (in the iris part). I have been told it is harmless, but like any mole to watch it as it can develop into melanoma, etc.
2. I have never broken any bones, but I have had stitches once... I sat on a knife while unloading the dishwasher when I was 11 or twelve. Not a fan of dishwashers, or fillet knives for that matter!
3. I can burp louder than most men I know - yep I bet you are jealous :)
4. I am obsessed with Celebrity gossip - it is my vice.
5. I have never once mowed the lawn in my 26 years.
6. I tend to say random things sometimes, only Josh has been able to trace my thoughts to figure out how they are related to whatever was going on/being talked about at the time. It's almost a game now :)
7. I bite my nails and lip... constantly...


Anonymous said...

Never mowed a lawn... interesting. I remember the stitches on the butt check.... that also was interesting....

Mary Ann'gler said...

Butt Cheek accident...the day I felt accused of child abuse by doctor.