Friday, October 17, 2008


Had a crappy night/morning and just have to vent about it... Things WERE going great: Andy was super sweet and made Josh and I dinner, then I was able to watch some of my Thurs night shows, then I hopped in the shower so I would have extra time in the morning to pack to go to Mom & Dad's place. Great, no problems there, I even shaved for the first time in a long time :)
Of course then I wake up at 2AM and have a bout with restless legs, which has been happening off and on the past few weeks. No big deal - I go and sleep propped up on the couch and no more problems.
Then the ugghh happens - I wake up a bit late because I don't have my alarm clock in the living room, start to get ready, and get the worst nosebleed ever. And I haven't gotten one in years! Turns out it is near impossible to get ready and pinch your nose, etc at the same time. This goes on for 20 min straight - making me even more late. And of course, I swallow a bit of blood and start puking, yay.
Then, my laundry I was going to pack this morning is still wet in the dryer, so I will have to pack when I get back from work. I was going to do my hair all cute this morning since we are meeting at the pumpkin patch with Em & Anna but did not have time. Could not find the shirt I wanted to wear, and did not have time to eat.
Now I am at work, we are short-handed, and I need to see if I can get out a little earlier because I have so much to do to get ready still. We are meeting at 3:30-4 at the pumpkin place (probably about 1.5 hrs from here) and I had originally told work I would be leaving at 2. Hopefully it isn't a big deal to leave at 1 instead - my boss is awesome so I am sure it will be ok. I just hate making them short another person. Oh well, it will have to do and I will have to push my conscience away, I am already getting out early so what is one more hour, right?
On the bright side - I get to see my family and my adorable niece (walking!) so really all of this is nothing and I feel better just having vented :)


Emily said...

Woman! You have to stop worrying about work! You have more sick time than anyone I know.

Your post reminded me of the bloody noses. I had forgotten, but I had them ALL the time. Keep a box of kleenex at your desk.

Mike said...

remembering the days..NOSEBLEEDS..I dont get them like I used to. One time I got one in 5th grade that lasted at least 4 hours, I was sent home it was so bad. In seventh grade I got an elbow to the face in a basketball game and played the second have with tissue shoved up both nostrels. I didnt know being pregnant meant more nosebleeds.

kristine said...

That just sounds like a big mess - no pun intended.
I hope the rest of your day/evening went ok.