Sunday, December 21, 2008

Party Time!

Happy to say that despite the snowy weather, all but one of our guests made it! (We missed you Val!)

Dinner menu - marinated steak, chicken & shrimp kabobs with red, yellow and green peppers; calico beans; mashed garlic red-skinned potatoes; dinner rolls (same kind Gram makes); veggie tray with dill dip; & a meat & cheese tray.
Guests - Andrew, John & Chad, Josh M., Heather, Bishop, Lisa, Kayla, Lisa, Osi, Megan & Mike

Josh and I each bought a gift for Baby P. for the other to open - Josh got her the Michael Jordan onesie set and I got her the play gym - it was cute to see what Josh would think of, can't really say I am surprised :)

Festivities included a Wii Bowling tournament - winner (John with 200 pts) received a Big Lebowski bowling ball DVD set, last place (Osi with 106 pts) received a box of chocolate truffles we called the boobie prize :)

Of course, Guitar Hero was also played... I am not a huge fan of this game :P
Heather made the awesome dessert - mini cupcakes on a stick!
It was so nice to see everyone - we already can't wait for next year!


Carren J. said...

Looks like fun was had by all. You did a good job at feeding and organizing this get-together. Cute baby items as well.

Emily said...

Anna has the same playgym. She loved the little lion.

Trasks said...

What wonderful hosts... I am glad you had a great party. It is a lot of work.

kristine said...

I think it is just adorable that you and Josh each got your little girl something. ADORABLE!!

Heather said...

Get's better every year! You guys are the best! The food was fantastic! Thanks again for everything you two do to have this dinner for everyone. Love you guys!!