Monday, January 5, 2009

Baby Clothes!

I had a minor breakdown this weekend when I noticed we had NO clothes for our little girl. Dreams of early birth with nothing to bring her home in filled my head, causing late night trips to Target(T) and JCPenney(JCP). Turns out late night is the best time to go - the stores were pretty empty and I was able to take my time and find the best deals. In total, I think I spent $40 and came away feeling much much better!

Normally, I am not a fan of pink and purple and cringe when I look through girl's clothing. However, I think I am breaking that feeling and actually embracing the girliness :)

From the top:
(T)tee (Sweetheart);
(T)tee (Lovebugs);
(T)pink/brown long sleeved onesie w/bird in tree;
(T)pink/brown short sleeved onesie;
(T)pink/brown booties;
(JCP)pink/brown flower/puppy set w/long sleeved shirt, bib, & pants;
(JCP)purple set w/long sleeved shirt & pants;
(JCP)wh/blk/silver set w/long sleeved shirt & pants;
(JCP)pink & brown pants;
(JCP)blue skirt w/diaper cover underneath;
(JCP)khaki shorts

We also received a perfect little sleep swaddler, bibs, & bath set from the Schnicks for Christmas, along with the Nike onesies/booties Josh bought.

So far so good!


Emily said...

Don't go overboard on the clothes. Since you know the sex, everyone will buy something pink at your shower and everyone who visits after baby is born will bring an outfit. I only bought 2 outfits before Anna was born- a girl and boy coming home outfit. We received so many clothes after Anna was born, more than she would ever wear, that I ended up returning what I could. It is fun to buy girl clothes though :)

CP said...

I am done buying clothes (I think!). I just couldn't pass up the whole set for $1.98 :) I figure I can give them to someone if I don't use them. I have no idea how big she will be, so I wanted a couple different sizes. It is probably a good thing she is a girl, I found WAY more boy clothes I like :P

Anonymous said...

I love JCP... went there the day after Christmas.. shopped for Graycen and Parker.. even David ended up with a couple of things.. and you know I spent $50 and at the bottom it told me that I saved $124... now how can you go wrong wit that...

heathergus said...

Everything is so cute! She is going to be the best dressed girl in town :) I bet it is so fun now especially when you know that you are having a little girl. I am so excited for you guys! You will both make such great parents!

The Liend's said...

I love PINK!!! So cute.

Brandon said...

Hmmm.. you may need some purple & gold to go with those ;)

Hana said...

Great finds..! Well, how much you have spent on baby clothes.