Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tag Blanket

Just finished this tonight - was hoping to add more items that would be good for a baby - mirrors, crinkle fabric/paper, etc but wasn't able to find what I wanted at JoAnn Fabrics. Also they used to have scrap bags of ribbon but no longer do that... So each roll of ribbon is anywhere from $2-6 - when all I need is a few inches - ugggh! They have some that you can buy by the yard, but they weren't as cute. Kinda disappointing to a cheapskate like me, but luckily I think the blanket turned out well anyway. The brown fabric is so soft and cuddly, and the flannel side matches the baby's bedding (I used a receiving blanket from the set to make the blanket.)
I also put Keira's initials on it, of course the machine kept skipping stitches, so I had to go over it twice, making it bulky. I still like it though, it kinda makes her name feel more permanent since we have been back and forth a bit (ok, only I have been back and forth, not so much Josh!)
Not bad for my first tag blanket, I think! I will definitely be making more :)


The Liend's said...

cute...such talent you have:) you should make those and sell them on eBay...I love eBay :)

Becky Laswell said...

Adorable! I've seen a few of those on etsy and figured they might make a good gift option - useful, and less involved than a regular quilt. Nice job!

Anonymous said...

I love it.. you did a good job.. I am sure that it isn't easy to find specialty kind of fabric and things... you should check online..

kristine said...

Very cute. A few months ago I made a junk one to see how easy it was and was surprised at really how easy it was.