Monday, January 19, 2009


Went in for my 30 week appointment today - all is good. The tests they did 2 weeks ago (for glucose, iron, etc) all came back normal :) I wasn't too worried, since I assumed they would let me know if the results weren't good.

Everything else pregnancy related is surprisingly great (knock on wood!). I am still sleeping through the night, not needing to get up to use the bathroom, just a bit uncomfortable sleeping on my side because my arm falls asleep. I had issues with restless legs and leg cramps a couple of months ago, but that hasn't happened since then, either. My weight is good and on target - I have gained 9 pounds so far based on my pre-pg weight (since losing a bit in the first tri from getting sick) but if you go by my lowest weight I am up about 15. My doc has always commended me on my weight, especially over the holidays - he figured most of his expectant mothers would gain a little extra :) I feel a bit of pelvic pressure when I walk, but I really wouldn't call it painful. Baby P (most likely Keira Lorraine) is kicking away - I think I would describe it kinda like if you move your tongue inside your cheek (only in the belly!) - you can feel her lumps moving across like that.

I have a feeling all of this greatness will be short-lived! I am definitely counting my blessings, I could not be happier :)
Only 10 weeks left!


The Liend's said...

I am glad everything is going well for you and your pregnancy...and I love that name too:)

Emily said...

Love the name! Good for you on keeping your weight in check. It will help so much after baby is born, self image-wise and energy-wise. I lost the post-bump within a week after Anna.

Anonymous said...

Ignore my quesion on facebook.. I should have checked here before asking how the glucose went... You are doing so great with this pregnancy... I am sure that all will go good until little KLP is here to hold.

kristine said...

Way to go! It's pretty awesome.

That's a pretty name. Is Lorraine after somebody?

CP said...

Yep, Lorraine is my grandma's name on my Dad's side. She is the biggest crafter (mostly hand sewn!) in the family :)