Sunday, February 8, 2009

Change Pad Project

Josh and I went to Fargo yesterday, and thanks to Heather and her coupons, I was able to find just what I needed to make this:

Of course, as soon as I got home I had to start the project. Once I have something in my head I don't let it go until it is finished (well, unless it turns out horrible and I give up!). Here is my version front & back, then folded.

One side is decorative cotton fabric, then the other side is a type of vinyl that can be easily cleaned, then batting for comfort, and a pocket to hold wipes/diapers.
For the most part it turned out great! The only problems I ran into were that it bunched up a bit on one side and my sewing machine kept skipping stitches and the tension was not working right no matter how I adjusted it - grrr!
I bought a clip to add somehow (like the pic I was going for) but I am not sure if I am going to add it or not. I also have enough vinyl (I had gotten a remnant that was approximately 1 yd) to make 2 more if I muster up enough ambition :)


Emily said...

Very cute! I have some of that Michael Miller fabric (same as the sample pic) that I bought a while ago, if you want to make me one ;)

CP said...

Definitely! I just need about 33" by 15" for the one side, then 15" by 8" for the pocket. The rest I have here :) I just realized a carabiner clip would be SOOOOOO much easier to use than the buckle (like on a life jacket) I got - that makes me happy - I tried to make the strap and it did not work right AT ALL!

Our Family said...

you are so amazing Carly! I love it!

kristine said...

That is super cute! I wish I was as crafty as you are!

Anonymous said...

That turned out great... pat yourself on the back