Sunday, February 1, 2009

Friends & Family Weekend

Just got home from a great weekend up north. Friday was spent with the fam hanging out. Em also took some maternity photos for me - they turned out great - she has a way with a camera for sure :) We got a few other ideas for more to take at Stef's house later in the month, too. Here's a sample, click the link for more!

Saturday I watched little Anna while everyone fished the annual bar tournament on Blue Lake. Anna was a doll - no problem at all :) She really likes to dance and compare bellies :P The fisher-people had nice warm weather, and caught some fish, just not any placers. The wind picked up throughout the day and by 8PM we had no electricity at the house from downed trees. Good time to hit the hay early after being outside all day. Sunday Mom & Mike made breakfast and I headed to town to hang out with Sarah. She made us lunch, we chatted, and she got Keira some awesome gifts. It was so nice to catch up!
I hope everyone else had as good a weekend as I did :)


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures..

Emily said...

Glad you like the pictures! You have a cute belly.

And thanks for watching Anna yesterday! I know she had fun. She was showing Jamie her belly today.

The Liend's said...

thanks for coming over on sunday ..I had a great time...we will have to get together again! love-love-love the belly pics your sis is so talented!!