Saturday, December 11, 2010

Visitors in the Snow

I cannot believe the snow we are getting! And I can't believe how awesome my family is to drive right smack through it to come see me! Thank goodness they made it (and back) without getting stuck. It's definitely bad when you hear about all theplows that end up in the ditch :p
Here are a few pics from their visit:
Em drove, poor thing! Anna & Keira were little twins, giggling like crazy. Mom & Dad brought cookies, of which a few have definitely made it into my belly. Yum!
Keira was a little scared of the room (and my big mechanical bed) at first, but came around enough to give me a good squeeze :) Then got a bit comfy on the chair next to me - so cute!

As for my daily update - not a whole lot new today, still holding strong. Baby and I are being monitored twice a day for an hr each time, still taking the procardia every 6 hrs. We finally got some test results from Bemidji for the Group B Strep test and because that was negative, I am now IV-free! The next ultrasound to see if there is any change will be next Friday. Just hearing that they are scheduling that far out gives me more hope. We WILL make it there :)

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Anonymous said...

GREAT to see Keira back today! A welcome surprise. Can you access your regular email address there?